Excelvan Excelvan Portable Wireless 58mm

Excelvan Excelvan Portable Wireless 58mm Bluetooth Thermal Dot Receipt Printer Black UK

Product Description

Excelvan Portable Wireless 58MM Portable Bluetooth Wireless Receipt Thermal Printer for Android & Windows UK



Bluetooth printing and Computer printing realized 2-mode printing,convenient and practical.Printing speed is up to 70mm/sec,high-efficiency and fast!High-effect transmission shaft,high sensitivity printing head,no need of colored tape and link box,durable and convenient!
-This receipt thermal printer supports Bluetooth Andriod & IOS & Windows printing,professional bluetooth printer for take-out and catering.


Portable and wireless,convenient to use.
-The receipt thermal printer USB port use standard USB2.0 commuincation protocol can easily connect to the Andriod/IOS/Windows/Linux device,and equipped with corresponding driver,let your print arbitrarily.
-2000mAh large capacity lithium battery,long stanby time(almost 10 days)!Can print for almost 3 hours continuously.
Application area:transport,logistics bill printing, mobile government,police bill printing,taxi printing,water amd electricity meter reading and so on.
Restaurants, Department Stores, Kitchen, Convenience Stores, Specialty Retail, Super market.etc.


-High Speed Printing:70mm/s.
-Max Paper Width:58mm.
-Support Bluetooth and USB communications.
-Portable and wireless,convenient to use.
-2000mAh large capacity lithium battery,Can print for almost 3 hours continuously.Long stanby time(almost 10 days)!
-Battery is full:charge indicator is blue.Charge time:2-3hours.


-Compatible with Android & IOS & Windows & Linux systems.
-Compatible with ESC/POS print instruction mode.
-Support sound and light reminder when lack of paper,printing abnormal.
-Support 1D,2D barcode printing.
-Battery life,with smart power saving and power consumption control funcations,to ensure longer print life.


Printer Parameter
Item Parameter
Printing Method Thermal Line
Effective Printing Width 48mm
Resolution 384dots/line(8dots/mm,203dpi)
Printing Speed 70mm/Second
Interface USB,Bluetooth
Paper Type Thermal
Paper Width 57.5±0.5mm
Paper Diameter ≤40mm
Commands ESC/POS
Power Type Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery
Power Capacity 2000mAh/7.4V
Power Charger 9.0V/2A
Net  Weight 160g(0.35P)
Color Black
Size 11cm*8*4(4.33inches*3.15*1.57)
Software Driver Android/IOS/Linux/Win2000/Win2003/WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win8.1
Print Line spacing 3.75mm(can adjust line spacing by command)
Print Line NO. Font A:32character/Line
Font B:42character/Line
Simple/Traditional Chinese:16character/Line
Character The standard GB 18030 simplified/traditional Chinese character library
Character Size ANK character,Font A:1.5×3.0mm(12x24dots)
Font B:1.1×2.1mm(9x17dots)
Simple/Traditional Chinese:3.0×3.0mm(24x24dots)
Barcode character:Extended character set PC437/Katakana/PC850/PC860/PC863/PC865/WestEurope/Greek/Hebrew/EastEurope/Iran/WPC1252/PC866/PC852/PC858/Iranll/Latvian/Arabic/PT151,1251/PC737/WPC/1257/ThaiVietnam/PC864/PC1001/(Latvian)(PC1001)/(PT151,1251)/(WPC1257)/(PC864)/(Vietnam)/(Thai)
Graphics printing Supports bitmap download and print(support each bitmap size Max.8K,download up to 5pcs)
Smart power Support
Variable speed printing Support
Consumption Support
Dormancy Support
Dection Sensor Lack of paper detection
Environment Operating temp:5-45℃,Humidifity:10-80%
Storage temp:-10-50℃,Humidity:10-90%(No Dew)
Reliability Print head life:50KM(Printing Density≤12.5)

-1X58MM Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer
-1XUK power adapter(90cm/2.95ft)(UK plug)
-1XLithium battery(7.4V,2000mAh)
-1XUSB cable(110cm/3.61ft)
-1XPaper roll(58MM width paper roll)
-1XUser Manual
-1xCD for Driver



Notices Before Use(Please read these notices carefully before use)
-This manual in package is universal,many information is added for other receipt thermal printer,not suitable for our bluetooth thermal receipt printer,pls
-Please do not use the bluetooth thermal receipt printer at the gas station,fuel warehouse,etc.
-When the printer is printing,pls do not open the paper cover,otherwise it may appear unexpected situation,and even damage the printer.
-After printing,print head is still at high temperature,do not touch,so as not to burn.
-Please shut off the power supply when the failure occurs.When you find that the printer power adapter or battery smoke or has bad smell,please unplug the power adapter immidiately,and take out the battery,pls note to aviod being burned.
-When charging,pls put the  bluetooth thermal receipt printer and the power adapter on the ventilation place with environment temperature -5℃-40℃,and use the manufactures standard power adapter.The use of unauthorized powers adapters may cause danger,and violation of the munafacture’s warranty terms.



Key Features

High Speed PrintingWith The latest technologyEasy paper loadingease of use and maintenanceSplash-proofoil-proofdust-proofdurable and convenientHigh-effect transmission shaft,high sensitivity printing head Portable Bluetooth Wireless Receipt Thermal Printer for Android & Windows

What’s in the Box
  • 1X58MM Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer
  • 1XUK power adapter(90cm/2.95ft)(UK plug)
  • 1XLithium battery(7.4V,2000mAh)
  • 1XUSB cable(110cm/3.61ft)
  • 1XPaper roll(58MM width paper roll)
  • 1XUser Manual
  • 1xCD for Driver
Specifications of Excelvan Portable Wireless 58mm Bluetooth Thermal Dot Receipt Printer Black UK
Size (L x W x H cm)
19 x 13 x 7
Weight (kg)
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